Talon Balaklava

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Product description: ⦁ The Shadow Elite Talon Balaklava , Versatile , warming and breathable Balaclava with 'No Melt, No Drip' performance for the cold season. ⦁ Made of DuPont CORDURA® Baselayer fabrics. ⦁ (No melt, no drip) ⦁ Won’t melt or drip like polyester. ⦁ Helps prevent burn injury severity by charring. ⦁ Helps protect against flash fires by charring. ⦁ (Durability) ⦁ Greater strength-to-weight ratio than 100% cotton. ⦁ Exceptional abrasion resistance. ⦁ Fewer failures due to holes and tears. ⦁ (Moisture Management) ⦁ Absorbs moisture quicker than 100% cotton. ⦁ Transports sweat away from skin. ⦁ Dries 2.0 -2.5x faster than 100% cotton. ⦁ (Extreme Comfort) ⦁ Feels soft against the skin. ⦁ Equivalent air permeability to cotton. ⦁ Perfect for everyday wear on base or in combat.