Single Point Bungee Sling

€ 17,10
incl. btw, excl. levering


The Shadow Elite CQB single Bungee Sling is designed to be a fast action, low response time weapon sling. Because of this they are excellent for CQB use, but their versatility means that they lend themselves well to most situations. Lightweight, durable and comfortable. There is no need to purchase extra parts as they are compatible with most types of rifle. The durable Bungee Cord offers the right balance between movement and security; they are also great for ambidextrous shooting too. Made using heavy duty 30mm nylon webbing. Sleeved elliptical bungee, giving 12cm flex. 3 x nylon quick release buckles. Metal quick release. Covered metal quick release weapon attachment. Fully adjustable. Stress points Reinforced with double and triple stitching with nylon thread.