lucky shot Wiskey Skull decanter

€ 159,00
incl. btw, excl. levering


Product information "LUCKY SHOT Bullet Whiskey Skull Decanter Set"Symptoms: an aching head, dragging body and the general inclination to punch everyone that speaks to you in the face. Diagnosis: a case of the Mondays. Prescription: our Headshot Decanter Glass Set. A Lucky Shot Exclusive, the ‘Headshot’ Decanter set, featuring four molded skull whiskey glasses, hand embedded with genuine, lead free .308 bullets and a 25 oz molded, skull decanter, hand embedded with a genuine, lead free .50 BMG bullet. Gift boxed and ready for action.Included in Gift Set:

  • 1 x 25 oz Skull Decanter
  • 4 x 10 oz Skull Whiskey Glasses
  • Black Lucky Shot Gift Box

This product resembles live ammunition, therefore, bringing our products where live ammunition may not be permitted (i.e. schools, airports, government/federal buildings, etc.) is not recommended.